Vivek Kundra’s Federal IT Revolution

Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO

Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO

On March 5th, 2009, President Obama named Vivek Kundra the first-ever Federal Chief Information Officer.  Vivek has built a reputation for challenging the status quo, championing transparency and accountability in government, making government accessible to the masses via social networking, and leveraging cloud computing to lower the cost of government.  Vivek Kundra is an innovator and game changer.  Here’s what the ExecutiveBiz blog had to say:

He’s set to embark on a “technology revolution,” with the federal government in the lead. As America’s first-ever federal CIO, Vivek Kundra is charged with overseeing a $71 billion information technology budget and ensuring IT interoperability between government departments. Kundra comes to his role with a range of government service under his belt: His first government job was as director of infrastructure in Arlington County, VA. He was interviewed for the position Sept. 11, 2001, and hired that day. Kundra also worked as assistant secretary of both commerce and technology for the state of Virginia. Most recently Kundra was chief technology officer of the District of Columbia, where he was credited with finding innovative ways to engage DC residents in a “digital public square.” Kundra is looking to bring that same spirit of transparency and engagement to his role as CIO. In one of his first major speeches since his appointment, Kundra offered a glimpse of the course he’ll set. “Everywhere I look, people talk about how the private sector is ahead of the federal government and that the federal government can’t lead — I reject that idea,” said Kundra at FOSE 2009. Kundra’s current initiatives include a platform — a means of “democratizing” information so it’s available to “the people” without compromising security or privacy, he says. Kundra is looking at cloud computing and exploring how to leverage innovations of its kind. Such innovation, adds Kundra, will come through partnership with the commercial sector. Kundra issued the following call to action to them at FOSE:  “Make sure that you help us move forward on the right path and you call out those initiatives that are not working.”

Source: ExecutiveBiz

What’s your take on what Vivek Kundra brings to the federal government?

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