Social Computing in the Enterprise: Social Software Considerations

BarCampBuffalo_logoOn Monday, May 4, the Buffalo Technology Community held the third BarCamp unconference. This BarCampBuffalo had a theme: Social Media (aka Social Computing, Social Networking). This was a great opportunity to discuss the topic which has been on my mind: Social Computing in the Enterprise.

Though we wouldn’t think twice about it, social computing has been around since the beginning of enterprise computing. Some examples of social software include: email, blogs, wikis, instant messaging & presence awareness, media sharing, social bookmarking & search, social networking, and web conferencing. The latest wave of social computing applications and standards are often dubbed Web 2.0 or Collaborative Software.

My objectives for this open discussion were to:

  • Define Social Computing and contrast it with Social Networking
  • Highlight prevalent Web 2.0 themes
  • Discuss why we’re increasingly seeing “Everything” 2.0
  • Share the Business Drivers and Challenges of using Social Software in the Enterprise
  • Share an Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework
  • Cover the Value Proposition of Social Software
  • Highlight the intersection of Marketing 2.0 and Social Software

The presentation I delivered:

Social Computing In The Enterprise BarCampBuffalo Open Discussion

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Business Drivers for Enterprise 2.0

  • Cost Reduction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Encourage Bottom-up Innovation
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Enhanced Collaboration, Community-building
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Email Reduction
  • Knowledge Retention & Management
  • Increased Adoption, Greater Value
  • Effective, Real-Time Communication
  • Connecting with Customers
  • Cultivating Prosumers [Producer/Consumer]

Business Challenges Implementing Enterprise 2.0

  • Creating Business Case/ROI Justification
  • Cultural Dynamics
  • Policies for Participation
  • Controlling the Message
  • Organizational Boundaries Are Blurring; IP Evaporation
  • Concerns Sharing “Work-in-Progress” vs. “Publication”
  • Who Disseminates the Message?
  • Permanence of Message
  • Diamonds Web publications are forever.”
  • Record Retention & Regulatory Compliance
  • Additional Communications Channels to Cultivate/Maintain
  • Require Additional Resources

How do you feel about Social Computing in Enterprise?

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