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Behavioral Assessments; HBR’s 10 Most Common Failures of Bad Leaders

Introspection leads to growth.  Scientifically validated behavioral assessments are key to effective introspection.  I recently completed the Predictive Index® [PI] survey, an assessment tool that provides insight into the natural workplace behaviors.  I have to agree with the statement, “it appears to be a simple adjective checklist, however the results are uncannily accurate.”
Harvard Business Publishing
Let the introspection begin with Harvard Business Review’s June 2009 article, Ten Fatal Flaws That Derail Leaders:

After scrutinizing 360-degree feedback data on over 11,000 leaders and evaluating the 10% considered the least effective, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman found the 10 most common leadership shortcomings. These are ranked according to the size of the difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders’ scores; successful and failed leaders differed most significantly in their energy and enthusiasm.

  1. Lack energy and enthusiasm. They see new initiatives as a burden, rarely volunteer, and fear being overwhelmed. One such leader was described as having the ability to “suck all the energy out of any room.”
  2. Accept their own mediocre performance. They overstate the difficulty of reaching targets so that they look good when they achieve them. They live by the mantra “Underpromise and overdeliver.”
  3. Lack clear vision and direction. They believe their only job is to execute. Like a hiker who sticks close to the trail, they’re fine until they come to a fork.
  4. Have poor judgment. They make decisions that colleagues and subordinates consider to be not in the organization’s best interests.
  5. Don’t collaborate. They avoid peers, act independently, and view other leaders as competitors. As a result, they are set adrift by the very people whose insights and support they need.
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Leadership & The Workplace: What Do We Expect?

BarCampBuffalo_logoOn March 31, I attended the second BarCampBuffalo. Like the first-ever event, this event was a success with a very good turnout. This time around, I chose to lead a discussion on Leadership & Management.

In one way or another, the topic of workplace leadership/management affects us all, yet we rarely discuss it in an open forum. My objectives for this open discussion were to:

  • differentiate leadership from management,
  • highlight characteristics shared by great leaders,
  • highlight responsibilities of great managers,
  • allow for an honest organizational- and self-assessment of workplace engagement.

The presentation I delivered:

Leadership & The Workplace BarCampBuffalo Open Discussion

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